Casa Castillo Mission

Hola amigos, I would like to share with you Our mission. Back in 2001, when I had my first experience promoting the fantastic works of the Mexican Artisans in the USA, I saw the basic need: Connecting the Artisans with the customers, to ensure a win-win situation for both:
"Artisans getting excellent paid for their handcrafts and customers getting unique quality and service at  the best price". 
So I created www.casacastillo.com, with the power of the Internet and global connections, it allows us to promote the Artisans to thousands of people around the globe and to offer authentic Mexican Handcraft at the best possible price. With minimizing the middle man, stock inventories, and overhead costs we pass on those savings to our customers. At the same time we can offer customized Mexican Arts because we work directly with the Artisans and you, a unique situation you hardly can find anywhere else. 
I encounter several obstacles on the way, some people were not so sure if this could work, since most businesses use inventories and lots of overhead costs.
Since the first version of www.casacastillo.com in 2001, we have proved this is possible and WE ARE DOING IT every day. Having customers from Australia, Europe, South America and of course North America. Continously we are improving our service, with your support and our amazing Artisans.
Here are the key promises of our mission:  

  ■  Quality -  We travel all over Mexico to get the best and finest Arts directly from the Artisans. We look at their process, quality, passion and the love they put in their Arts to assure you get the best quality and vibes.
■ Unique Handcrafts- All our Arts are unique, we make them specially for you since we don’t keep stock or mass production, this allow us to customize and make any piece and design you may be looking for. With our broad Artisan network we can make high quantities in short time and keep their uniqueness.
■ Confidence - Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
■ Service - We provide every customer with personalized attention online and by phone. Use our toll free number or just e-mail us, we are 24hrs, 365 days around the year ready to answer your questions.
■ Eco-Fair - We make sure our Arts are free of any toxic materials and in compliance with the latest Environmental requirements. We also minimize unnecessary resources to prevent any impact to our beautiful Earth. We treat and paid Fair prices to our Artisans, never compromising quality with cost.
■ Expertise - Our family has more than 60 years of experience with Mexican Arts and culture. We have long time relations with some of the finest Artisans in Mexico, we are friends, family, associates and we are happy that you can be part of our passion, taking a piece of Mexico to your Home.
"In the name of all our Artisans: Thank you for supporting our mission and we are glad to share these wonderful Arts with you, enjoy and hope to hear from you with any comments and feedback".
Salvador Castillo
Owner / Founder
Elizabeth Castillo
Logistic Manager