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Casa Castillo

Hola Mr Fantastic Salvador,
You can't believe what happened to me today! Can you? 52 very beautiful talavera tiles, hand made in Mexico, came to my front door. Holey moley!! What an amazing surprise. Thank you so much.
Mr Salvador, can I tell you that these are absolutely gorgeous, better than I imagined they would be. Please, please tell your artisans to keep up their wonderful and talented work. I am very happy to have 52 pieces of Casa Castillo here in Queensland Australia. You're my hero of the day Mr Salvador. Actually, you can be the hero of my whole week. Muchas Gracias!!!

Robyn Drayton
Sippy Downs, Queensland , Australia

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Casa Castillo brings the best Mexican Tiles, Toilets, Copper Bathtubs, Sinks and much more directly from the Artisans hands to your home door with our FREE shipping and worldwide delivery. You will enjoy a truly handcrafted Mexican Art in your home and at the same time helping to keep this beautiful Mexican Arts tradition alive. Thank you in the name of the Artisans.