Melanie Pletcher, Elkhart Indiana. USA : Received the tile today. Totally happy with the quality. I am doing custom projects that take unique colors. I was pleasantly surprised to open the packages of tile. I love the free shipping. Will definitely being ordering again shortly with larger orders. Thank you very much.
Theresa Baker : Hello Salvador, Our sink just arrived. Oh my gosh it is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much! The packing slip was signed by Jesus Villazano. Please thank him for the excellent packing job! I’m so excited. Our plumber will install it next week, and I’ll send you a photo. Thank you! Terry Baker
Laurie Alexander : Dear Salvador, My pedestal sink arrived today in perfect condition. It is beautiful! I am very happy : ) I will recommend Casa Castillo to others, and for my future needs. I also appreciate your courteous helpful emails. Kind regards, Laurie

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Marble Travertine Bathtub Elizabeth

Marble Travertine Bathtub Elizabeth

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Ceramic Frost Proof Tiles Mixed Selection - SALE
Ceramic Frost Proof Tiles 12"x12" mesh pink
Mexican Talavera Mural Sunshine1

Mexican Talavera Mural Sunshine1

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