Copper Sink Oval Garland

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Beautiful Hand Hammered Copper Sink Oval in a Special 'Garland' Design. Available in 16" x W 13" x D 5" and 19" x W 15" x D 6" diameter. Or we can customize any size. Please check our information tabs below for more details.


Beautiful Hand Hammered Copper Sink Oval in a Special 'Garland' Design. Our beautiful Copper sinks are 100% hand hammered using an ancient technique in a small town in central Mexico. Copper is a living metal that will bring wonderful vibes to your home and a practical use in a form of a sink, either for your bathroom or your kitchen. 

Our wide range of copper sinks gives you an idea of what we can make, however if you don't see what you are looking for or you need an specific size please contact us and most likely we will be able to help you.

When your guests come to visit you and are washing their hands they will have a big whaooo.. of such a beautiful piece of art made from a living metal: Copper.

Please check the specifications tab for the details of each sink.

Sink Type: Drop in.

Size: Oval 16" x W 13" x D 5"

          Oval 19" x W 15" x D 6"

Copper Gauge: 18.

Drain size: 1.5" Diameter with flange.

Material: 100% Copper

Patina Color: Natural or Dark ( Please select )

Note: Due to different monitor color resolutions what you see may differ a bit for what you get.
If you need a different size, shape or design please contact us, we can make what you need, no problema.

Juan Jose Saucedo

I met Juan Jose in the small town of Santa Clara del Cobre, in the state of Michoacan Central Mexico. I was truly amazed when I saw his works at his small showroom, just inside his home, he is certainly not a big manufacturer (like some unfortunately have become losing some of the truly handcrafted process), but instead he has kept his family tradition intact and proud to keep it that way. Juan Jose is the 3rd generation on this tradition, here are Juan Jose own words about his background:

"My grandfather taught my father and I the skills and techniques. Slowly, drop by drop I have been absorbing the skills needed for this wonderful job. My father has won awards Internationally and nation wide and I myself have won first and second places awards nation wide and Internationally. We are 8 people in the family and men and women work as a team to comply with any order. Most of us are winners of different prizes and awards within this guild".

About the process of making art work in copper , Juan Jose gave me a fair explanation: "Once the metal is melted with heat, we hammer it as many times as need it to shape the piece we are creating. To obtain the natural color the piece is heated and introduced in water. For the dark and light coffee colors, we use a technique with fire to give the different tonalities".

The basic tool Juan Jose uses is the hammer and tongs combined with the power of fire. He makes all his tools by hand since the family doesn't use any machinery in their facilities and only recycled copper with the highest level of purity. "It would not be possible to manufacture with such a quality if it was not for the purity of the copper".

I'm sure you will appreciate Juan Jose skills when you receive your Mexican Art, the passion, love and many years of tradition will be taken to your home ambient.

Juan Jose is always happy to hear back from our customers and when we show him pictures of the final projects he brings a big smile to his face, encouraging him to keep this wonderful tradition alive.

Thank you in the name of Juan Jose and his family.

Delivery tIme: 10-15 business days (USA)
                      15-20 business days (Canada)
                      20-25 business days (All other countries)

- All our shipments are covered with insurance for any loss or breakage during transit.
- We use DHL, Fedex and EMS for better service and full tracking on line.
- For Customers outside the USA: Customs/import fees may apply for your country, please check with your local agencies for specifics. You are responsible to pay for these fees
- If you have a big order we can ship by truck or ocean freight, for a cheaper option for your high quantity order. Please contact us to request a shipping quote for this option.

Packing Details:

- We use a professional packing company for all our shipments, your art will go very well protected with at least 2" of foam all around, bubble wrapped and when necessary double boxed. Rest assure it will reach you safe and sound. We have a record of minimum broken pieces if any.

What is the Patina Finish?

Copper metal will create a most desire greenish patina with time and in natural circumstances, however this could be a good thing for some people but for most it is not necessary good. We apply a process to generate a coating (patina) in the copper tub that will prevent the greenish natural patina to occur over time. Also we are able to generate different patina colors to give a better matching look to your specific environment. The most common patina colors we use are: Natural, Dark and Green. With the patina pre-made in your tub you can rest assure your copper tub will be protected for any future natural greenish patina occurrence, even though some people may like that finish as well we can offer a greenish patina color.

What is the size of the drain hole? Is that American Standard?

The sink has a standard American drain size of 1.5" inches to accommodate the American requirements plumbing drain. Also the hole has a flange around it to make your fitting flat with the sink.

Does the sink have an overflow?

No, the sink does not come with overflow holes.

How long will it take to have my order delivered?

Please check our shipping information tab for specific timing for your country.

Why can it take long time to deliver my handicraft?

A true handcrafted art is made per order, this allows the Artisan to use fresh materials and take the time to make a wonderful piece, at the same time giving our customers a unique opportunity to specify any requirement they may need or want, so you get a chance to request your unique ideas/designs.

We believe in keeping low to zero inventory helps many ways: Environment, low costs, space, energy, etc, and we are happy to pass those savings to you and give more to the Artisan, that is the beauty of working directly with the handcrafters: You get what you really want.

We appreciate your patience, however if you are in a rush we also can help you by hiring more Artisans or having the family's Artisan work together, so please feel free to contact us if you need your Mexican Art by an specific date. We most surely can supply your needs.

One picture says more than thousand words, here are some ideas for decorating your home with our wonderful Mexican Arts, Enjoy. Please click here  SHOWROOM 

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