Mexican Talavera Vessel Rectangular Sink VSR06

Item # VSR06

Own a unique Hand Painted Mexican Ceramic Sink made by the Artisan's dedicated work and passion. Forget about the boring plain colored sinks and bring a lively piece of Art to your bathroom that will amaze your guest.

  • Size: 21" long x 14" wide x 5'' high
  • Drain Hole: 1.5'' D
  • Vessel type for top mounting
  • Any design can be made upon request: contact us

Beautiful hand painted talavera sink in a unique design. The artisan's work is truly a master piece with long, patient hours of detailed painting, inspiration and passion the end result will surely amaze you and beautify your bathroom in a very unique way, not to forget the impression your guests will have: a big whaoooo... where did you get that?..

Sink Type: : Vessel - Top mountin 

  • Size:21" long x 14" wide x 5'' high
  • Drain Hole: 1.5'' D


Finding the best talavera tiles Artisans in Mexico is not an easy job,  that's why I'm glad to present you the top best. His quality, reliability, care for the environment and their employees is what you can count on.

I've being working with Mr. Norberto Cortes for several years and together we are bringing these wonderful tiles to the rest of the world. Mr. Cortes specializes in the high relief tiles,ceramic and frost-proof tiles.

Mr. Norberto Cortes

Mr. Cortes reputation of excellent quality and durable tiles is widely known. His work has being recognized with several awards as: "Arch of Europe Gold Star for Quality" and the Brazilian "Medalha de Ouro".s. He specializes in the superior frost-proof  and High relief tiles.

Mr. Cortes is the 3rd generation of a family dedicated to the Talavera process since back when the Spanish people came to Mexico. They have focus on improving his methods to achieve higher resistant tiles. Here is Mr. Cortes own words:

"The legacy of deep spanish roots and moorish style blend whith natural talent and colour-acuteness in Mexican Crafsmanship, are ever-present attribute in our Talavera Tiles.

We manufacture the finest glazed titles for creating finishing details of a unique beauty in any building project.

The formula for reaching and maintaining this category consists in using only the best local and imported raw-materials, plus and correct manufacturing process combined whith the natural skills of our craftsmen.

The Manufacturing excelence in Azulejos Talavera Cortés® is a shining example of World Class Craftsmanship."

I'm fortunate to have met Mr. Cortes as I'm sure you will when you receive your package a big whaooo awaits you.

In the name of these two wonderful Artisans, their family and employees, thank you and enjoy a piece of Mexico in your place.

Delivery tIme: 10-15 business days (USA)
                       15-20 business days (Canada)
                       20-25 business days (All other countries)

- All our shipments are covered with insurance for any loss or breakage during transit.
- We use DHL / Fedex and EMS for better service and full tracking on line.
- Customs/import fees may apply for your country, please check with your local agencies for specifics. You are responsible to pay for these fees if any.

Packing Details:

- We use a professional packing company for all our shipments, your art will go very well protected with at least 2" of foam all around, bubble wrapped and when necessary double boxed. Rest assure it will reach you safe and sound. We have a record of minimum broken pieces if any.

How long will it take to have my order delivered?

Please check our shipping information tab for specific timing for your country.

Are these sinks made to American Plumbing Standards?

Yes, Mr. Cortes factory is in compliance with the NOM regulations (Mexican Norms), the NOM are in compliance with the ASME A112.19.2 ( American Standards Regulations for Ceramic plumbing fixtures). You should have not problems installing your sink, all the plumbing holes and attachments are American Standard size.

How do I clean and care for my new talavera sink?

Our talavera glazed sinks are hygienic, easy-to-clean, odor/stain resistant, low maintenance. Just follow the normal cleaning process as such:

To clean:

  • Use a sponge or damp mop with an ordinary non-abrasive household cleaner. Rinse and dry with cloth.
  • If white grout is used, you can occasionally whiten the grout with liquid bleach. Be careful to rinse afterwards.

Why can it take long time to deliver my handicraft?

A true handcrafted art is made per order, this allows the Artisan to use fresh materials and take the time to make a wonderful piece, at the same time giving our customers a unique opportunity to specify any requirement they may need or want, so you get a chance to request your unique ideas/designs.

We believe in keeping low to zero inventory helps many ways: Environment, low costs, space, energy, etc, and we are happy to pass those savings to you and give more to the Artisan, that is the beauty of working directly with the handcrafters: You get what you really want.

We appreciate your patience, however if you are in a rush we also can help you by hiring more Artisans or having the family's Artisan work together, so please feel free to contact us if you need your Mexican Art by an specific date. We most surely can supply your needs.

One picture says more than thousand words, here are some ideas for decorating your home with our wonderful Mexican Arts, Enjoy. Please click here  SHOWROOM

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