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Casa Castillo

Dear Salvador Just to let you know our sink has just this hour arrived safely. It is absolutely beautiful! I must admit to holding my breath until the final wrapping came off! Thank you for your wonderful service and for looking after us so well. We are very happy with our beautiful new sink and as luck would have it, the plumber is here now and can install right away. I will send you a photo of it in situ when we have completed the renovation. I will definitely be ordering our next sink from you when we renovate our other bathroom (don’t worry – it won’t be until next year!) regards and much thanks Julia Tierney

Julia Tierney
Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

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Mexican Mirror 'Lizards & Rocks'

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Mrs. Juana Canela

Mrs Juana Canela comes from a family of Artisans leading back to several generations. Her husband is one of the most famous Artisan in San Miguel de Allende and he has pass his knowledge to Mrs. Canela as you can appreciate in her beautiful mirrors.

"I make frames and mirrors. My designs are inspired by the place I live in and the huge and pervading historic heritage we have. I feel very proud of the mirrors and frames that I create, and I look forward to sharing them with more and more people so our handicrafts become known around the world.

I have been dedicated to this art form since 35 years. I originally started learning through my husband and we ended up working and creating together. Now I am continuing the dream my husband started along with my brother. This work has grown so much in me, that it truly fulfills my life and gives me great gratification. I could not ask for a better way of living".

To create these pieces, Maria uses simple tools like hammers and razors, and her hands.

In the name of Mrs.Canela, his family and employees, thank you and enjoy a very unique piece of Mexico in your place.