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Casa Castillo

I cannot praise this company and there work and there customer service enough. I asked Salvadore for an entirely new design to fit the theme of our home and he and his artisans created a work of art!!!!! From scratch they designed a beach themed pedestal sink that is so beautiful. Thank you all - all of you - for your hard work, kindness and consideration in all correspondence and most of all for the beautiful work of art that will be a treasured item in my family for many, many years to come. I encourage all to take a look at Casa Castillo website and order with confidence that you will receive a beautiful work of art!

Joan Capizzi
North Haledon, NJ, USA

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About Casa Castillo

"Fine Mexican Arts from the Artisans hands to your home door"


Our site is one of the best places to visit for high-quality Mexican Arts. We offer a number of different well-crafted products, such as Mexican tiles, Mexican Sinks,  Saltillo tiles , Copper Bathtubs , Copper hoods and much more.

I'm Salvador Castillo, the owner of Casa Castillo, and I want to let you know more about our store and its history. I'm a part of a family of Mexican artisans, which has more than a hundred years of experience. I'm originally from Guanajuato, in central Mexico, but I have lived in the USA for the past decade.

During my time in the US, I decided that I wanted to use my knowledge of the US market to help other craftsmen to grow their business via the internet. For over ten years, I have, to some extent, succeeded in helping other artisans, who work diligently with enthusiasm and skill, to bring their Mexican art to a larger audience. I have toured all of Mexico, to search small towns and large cities, to discover talented, yet unknown craftsmen. I spend time getting to know their skills, their passion, their talent, their personality and the quality of their work.

I get to know each person well, so that I can determine how they will use the income they receive from your contributions and from your purchases. I do this to ensure that they use their earnings to improve their skills, expand their horizons and give something back to their family and their community. I avoid artisans who appear to be more interested in profits than they are in creating quality pieces.

Every time you buy one of our fine pieces from the Casa Castillo online store, you can be certain that you are not only helping the Mexican artisan community, but you are making a talented person feel as though their work is appreciated. Your contributions also help families and communities throughout Mexico.

Each time a new order is placed, I have witnessed how happy this makes an artisan. It makes them feel validated, and it makes them believe in their talents. It gives them inspiration for new ideas, as they realize that their pieces are sought after and placed in someone's home, in a completely different country. On behalf of each of the artisans I work with, I want to thank you. I will also keep providing updates from them as often as I can, so that you can get feedback from the artisans themselves.

If you would like to send a message to any of the artisans I work with, then don't hesitate to contact us. All of my artisans enjoy receiving kind feedback from customers, and often they ask if customers really said those kind words.

If you need any help, or if you have a particular need, we can customize very much any design and size, just contact us and give us your details, we will be very happy to assist you and be part of your project.

Thank you for your visit, and enjoy a piece of Mexico in your own home.

Salvador Castillo
Owner/ Founder
Elizabeth Castillo
Logistics Manager